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The name Imitos has been synonymous with quality products for every aspects of energy saving bulb. Still a family-owned company, Imitos has made a name for itself above all in the development and manufacturers of high quality bulbs. The range of products offered includes energy saving bulbs and LED. Commercial lighting solution and indoor lighting solution round off the comprehensive product portfolio.

Imitos’s main priority has always been improving technology and different ways to serve patrons using the most up-to-date technology available to enhance the life, anticipating the need, and offering a satisfying yet inspiring lighting experience from the household with serene and harmonious atmosphere.


Imitos product also encompasses with, Imitos – Oritz, a premium brand, creating a more specific requirement for residential and commercial. Products calssified under this brand have an extra-ordinary long life span and with high power factor. Imitos define sustainable development as the process of increasing the access to higher quality product, while contributing to long term social and economic development, and preserving the environment for future generations.

Production Line

The electronics assemble technology enable us to be more cost efficient and achieve high consistent quality in our products by minimizing human errors. Products are more durable with electronics assembly technology as electronic chips used are able to minimize the heating level.

Electronics Assembly Lines


Placement Machine

Commercial & Residential Energy Saving Lamps

Imitos’s 100% Pure Tri-Colour Energy Saving Bulbs

Along with the research of theoretical study of gas discharges and the improvement of phosphor formulation and the development of ballast technology, Imitos has produced the pure tri-colour energy saving bulb. Available in small incandescent sizes and look-a-like shapes, for almost everywhere, the light emitted is much powerful and more energy efficient. Compare with incandescent bulb, it can save up to 80% of energy and the lifespan is 8 times longer than incandescent bulb, it really helps in energy saving and protect the environment.

The solid outlook and stylish energy saving bulbs is 100% made by pure three-colour phosphor. By using high frequency electronic ballast, the combination created strong light effect, and avoid the radiation generated by shocking high-technology electromagnetic. It suits for commercial and residential. The main features of 100% pure tri-colour phosphor CFL :

  • Energy Saving
  • Soft and even lighting
  • Non-glaring
  • Low temperature
  • Stable brightness
  • Non-flickering
  • Durable
  • High luminous

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